Pelican Cruises
1(868) 622-2766
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URL : , Address : Hart's Cut

Venue Name Pelican Cruises
Standing Capacity 250
Male Restroom 2
Female Restroom 2
Opening Days Hours
Monday 8am-4pm
Tuesday 8am-4pm
Wednesday 8am-4pm
Thursday 8am-4pm
Friday 8am-4pm
  • Venue Description :

    The Pelican is a 72 ft. Catamaran that is tailored for intimate party cruises Down D Islands. The sheer size of the vessel makes it perfect for virtually any type of event including birthday parties, fundraisers and tours. The vessel can accommodate a maximum of 250 passengers.

    We offer two types of cruises: 1. Cooler Cruise - Everyday 2. Down D Islands Sailing - Saturdays, 9am-3pm

    Book now: (868) 750-2152

  • Venue Rules:

    CAPACITY – The vessel can accommodate a maximum of 250 passengers. This total must include: patrons, committee members and any entertainers or DJs collectively. Any exceptions to this must be pre-approved by Management. Please note that the vessel’s operating crew and/or Captain’s Guests are not included in this amount.

  • Extra Info:

    BOOKINGS – Information can be obtained by calling (868) 622-2766 / (868) 750-2152 or via email between the hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

    BOARDING AND SAILING TIMES The Ocean Pelican sails every day from Monday – Sunday. Boarding time is always thirty (30) minutes before sailing. The following are the scheduled times available for bookings: Midnight – 4am 5am – 9am 10am – 2pm 3pm – 7pm 8pm – Midnight Complimentary Drink/Snack & Door Prizes Welcome Drinks/ Snacks may be offered to patrons (at the promoter’s expense) under the following conditions: - The serving of welcome drinks/snacks must cease none less than fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled departure time. - It is preferred that Alcoholic Welcome Drinks are sourced from, and provided and served by, established Beverage Distributors. Clients wishing to source and serve their own Welcome Drinks will be subject to a maximum allowable volume and/ or required to source and show proof of an Occasional Bar License. - Serving Stations are restricted to the Assembly (Boarding) area. - Clients are responsible for ensuring the space used is tidied up and all garbage thrown away before the cruise departs. Failure to comply will attract a clean-up penalty of TT $300.00 - No Pre-Cruise Events or Gathering is allowed in the general Car Park before or after sailing. Door Prizes containing alcoholic beverages can only be collected by the winners at the end of the cruise.

    ADVERTISING - All artwork for an event on the OCEAN PELICAN must be submitted and approved by Ocean Sweetness Ltd before tickets are sold and include the following; a) Notice of 30 Minutes boarding time before the designated sailing time. b) Management reserves the right to refuse admission. c) Ocean Pelican Logo. d) Anchorage Beach Club Logo. - We offer free advertising on our Facebook page ( and on our website. - All artwork must be sent in JPEG format to

    SECURITY The OCEAN PELICAN considers the safety and security of its patrons as its #1 priority. As such the following are the guidelines with respect to security on the vessel: - Ocean Pelican will provide sufficient security for every cruise. - No external security personnel will be allowed to perform in an official capacity on board the vessel or on the inner premises. All incidents are to be reported to the Chief Security or the Supervisor on Duty.

    DRESS CODE AND PASSENGER POLICY All patrons of a charter cruise must be 18 years and older. Any under aged passenger must be approved by Management of Ocean Sweetness Ltd. - Dress Code is based on the Client’s preference. - No illegal substances are to be brought on board. - No Glass bottles allowed.

    GUEST ARTISTS/ DJ’S AND SOUND SYSTEM - The Client MUST provide their own DJs. - A DJ Console would be provided by Ocean Sweetness Ltd. - Clients have the option to bring their own DJ Console no less than 30 minutes before boarding time. - The client must provide any extra equipment needed for additional live performances.

    FOOD - Food items are allowed to be distributed onboard the vessel.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation/Postponement - In cases where a cancellation is unavoidable due to extenuating circumstances for the client, the full payment deposit shall be transferred to another similar spot, dated within one (1) year of the original date. - In the event of the cancellation or postponement of any event less than sixty (60) days from the date of the cruise, all monies received will be forfeited to cover losses that the company will suffer through the cancellation or postponements. Deposit and payment procedures for any subsequent cruise, whether confirmed (via deposit) or not, will also be revised at management’s discretion to protect the company.